Digital Signage for Retailer

Yesterday I went into a coffee shop. I had not been there for long time. The coffee shop is located in a shopping center and the renting must be expensive. Yesterday when I sat down there I found something new. First the owner had changed. Second there were more customers. Third the coffee shop also provided food. Last there was a large LCD screen to show cable TV. Is it the simplest digital signage? Maybe or maybe not.

In retail business a little bit unnoticeable improvement may increase sales and bring more customers. Many little bit positive improvements can save a business of a retailer. This is  an amazing law. Sure a digital signage is a positive improvement to the business of coffee shop. At least the dynamic pictures showed that the shop was full of living.

Why digital signage such as Neatware’s Adputer can attractive more customers? Here is an example.

“Tall Skinny Latte only 90 Calories try it with sugar-free syrup.” I saw this promotion phrase on a blackboard of a Starbucks store. By applying Adputer Player for Digital Signage, they can show thousands items of this kind of self-advertisings and promotions in a small precious real-estate space. Does this little bit improvement bring more business for the chain stores of coffee shop? I think retailers with rich experience can answer this question.

203 thoughts on “Digital Signage for Retailer

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