Who need Windows any more?

Neatware’s Ladybug Mixer is an innovation software for real-time digital video processing. It can composite HD videos from multiple channels instantly. For example, we can display videos from cable TV, DV camera, and HD media file on individual zone of a large LCD flat screen. But to implement those magic features a high bar of hardware and software is required.

In hardware Ladybug Mixer requires support of GPU with SM2.0 plus. For software the Mixer requires Windows XP or plus with DirectX 9.0c capable. Unfortunately these requirements limited the applications of Ladybug Mixer on mobile and small devices.

MID device is an example. As the price of MID hardware is in the range on US$100 to US$300, the Windows XP Embedded with price near US$80 is too expensive. So the possible selections are Windows CE and Linux. Unfortunately Ladybug Mixer can not run on both operating systems.

Ladybug Mixer contains many Windows specialized technologies such as multi-channel video engine, GPU programming with HLSL language and compiler, and 3D projection. We have paid lots of efforts and resources to make these technologies work in bug-free under the parallel computing environment. To port it on Linux it is like a complete rewrite.

But Windows is keeping us from entering the fastest growing market – mobile internet application. You may think that Windows CE is the solution. However Windows CE is not compatible to the driver of Windows XP. So it lacks the supports from hardware devices. It is better to switch to Linux instead of Windows CE.

Today Windows’ biggest disadvantage: No single unified kernel, is appear. We need Windows but it is becoming a barrier for new devices. Microsoft is becoming an old IBM who lacked insight.