Adputer Player vs. Other Players for Digital Signage

Many Digital Signage prospects often ask questions like how do you compare Adputer Player to other players? Usually we would like users to find answers by themselves. It is interested that prospects are willing to listen to the answer from Adputer Inc. Here is our answer.

Since Adputer Player is based on X86/Windows platform, I am going to compare to the player based on ARM/Linux platform.  Other players based on X86/Windows platform are lack of our software so we are not going to analyze them below. I am going to compare Adputer Player to others in four aspects: Performance, Software, Power and Size, Innovation, and Cost Saving. It is better to present technological facts to compare.

1. Performance

Adputer Player is based on the latest Intel Atom 64-bit X86 1.6GHz Processor with Hyperthread. The DRAM is 1GB. Hard disk is 80GB. The CPU benchmark Dynonstone is 2500. Its primary OS is Windows XP SP3 that is 47% faster than Windows Vista. The Integrated Graphic Chipset supports DirectX 9.0c with GPU inside. 1GB DRAM allows Adputer Player run multiple threads and tasks as well as High-Definition video more easily. For example, Adputer Player can run player, embedded SQL database, and remote server simultaneously. Plus, the 80GB capacity of HDD can store 20 HD video and thousands and thousands photos in player. So it is a small local media storage system. You can think Adputer Player as a player/server.

For a typical ARM/Linux based Digital Signage Player today, its processor is ARM 32-bit 800MHz with 1 Thread. The Dynonstone is 1200 for the new ARM Cortex. DRAM is usually 128MB. SD/CF Storage are 4GB to 16GB for small Linux. Its graphics only supports OpenGL but no DirectX. This economic system works better for video streaming that connects to a server through network or internet. It is hard to run multiple tasks in such a small footprint of DRAM. It is better to consider as a thin client.

You can see the hardware value of Adputer Player vs the hardware value of ARM based system.

2. Software

Adputer Player works on Windows XP, the operating system platform with the most available number of software, commercial or free, in the world. Adputer multi-channel mixer is one of a software only worked for Windows at present. By the way, many device drivers are only supported in Windows XP. For example, the EVDO USB 3G wireless card only supported by telecom companies for windows.

Linux is also becoming an important platform. However, ARM/Linux software is still in small amount market share. Although ARM/Linux is widely used in mobile phone, it is not advanced in multimedia and 3D graphics.

3. Power and Size

Adputer Player based on Atom processor is a three chip solution at present. Atom is a low power consumption processor core. By applying 45 nm manufacture, a generation ahead of 65 nm processing of ARM based processor, Atom is marching the advantage of ARM in architecture for low power consumption and size.

ARM processor is usually Soc (Single of Chip) solution. So ARM based system can be passive cooling with ultra low power consumption. However Intel is working on more than 10 projects for SoC based on Atom and is planning to release in the end of this year.

Fairly to say Intel’s current Atom solution is not satisfied to the requirements of Adputer Player. One big fault of Intel’s Atom system is to use 45nm CPU working along with 90nm chipset. And it is completely wrong for Intel to distinguish mobile and desktop processor and chipset artificially. We certainly are willing to pay $10 more for mobile processor to embedded system.

4. Cost Saving

Since Adputer Player is not only a media player it can also be an application server, a web server, a remote server, and a database server, Adputer Player can work for multiple tasks. This is a cost saving of hardware.

Another cost saving is for content creation. The rich build-in shaders in Adputer Player allow users make their own ads easily. You can take pictures and draw texts as slide show in channel one, then selecting a tv program in channel two, finally selecting a animation shader to show a tv based advertising. This greatly save the time to make an advertising video.

5. Innovation

Adputer Player provides a platform for Digital Signage Applications. Many innovations on digital advertising can be applied on Adputer Player. For example, users can make visual special effect ads, interactive ads, and environmental ads on Adputer Player with its multi-channel mixer. You may use shader language and programming tools to develop and implement new concepts in real-time video processing.

Many templates of advertising shader can be designed in innovation.

Adputer Remote management works in different methods than other players.

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